Everything you ever wanted to know about Summer Sendoff


Sendoff is fast approaching, and since there is always some confusion about how Sendoff works, we sat down with Tacci Smith, Associate Dean of Students, to find out everything there is to know about this weekend. 


Friday is the official day for Sendoff. That’s when Danny Brown and Logic will be performing and when the special rules apply. Here’s a quick schedule for Friday:

  • 4-7 PM – South Quad open
    • Register your pong tables ahead of time!
    • Kenyon hires an outside company for security, but they just do whatever Tacci tells them to.
    • They will check EVERYONE’s IDs at the door, but after that it’s just like any other party ;) (PS. They have a printed list of who is 21 and who isn’t, so don’t try and use a fake…but again, after that it’s just like any other party)
    • NO trash cans for your pong tables — get creative and use something that’s not school property
    • **If you decide to celebrate somewhere that isn’t South Quad, just register it with the normal small party form**
  • 5-7 – Picnic Dinner by AVI in front of Ascension (or inside if the weather is bad)
    • You can’t bring your drinks to dinner, but you CAN bring your dinner to your drinks [DOES THAT MAKE SENSE AT ALL?]
    • Don’t be a doof like me and assume that dinner ends at 8 like most Fridays. IT MOST SURELY DOES NOT.
  • 7:30-?? – Concert on Ransom Lawn
    • That pizza truck from last year should be back again, so that’s cool.
    • Danny Brown and Logic are technically co-headlining, but Logic will be will be performing first.


Saturday is not the official day for Sendoff, but like last year, the Betas (with the Delts) will be hosting Sax on the Beach in front of Leonard. Quick details: Noon-5PM, more space than last year, more sand, more bartenders, new DJ, 10 kegs-worth of beer, game tables allowed (but only within the fenced area), unclear if there will be actual saxophones.

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