10 o’clock list: Ways to Make Your Summer Kind of Less Lame


this could be you kind of

In October you were really proud of yourself because you typed the word “internship” into your search bar*. In January you heard someone mention “summer” and you laughed at them as you pulled on your third layer of pants and trudged out into the sleet and snow and slush. Then it was February, March, and April and now wassup everybody it’s almost May and you don’t have a job! Or you do and you’re way better at adulthood than I am. Maybe you’re volunteering abroad or working at a place with desks and filing cabinets. And if that’s you, great, but also shut up right now I’m not talking to you.

I am going to assume that you’re just like me in the liberal-arts-school-trenches and we are all here and accepting our fate as bookstore clerks and baristas. You’ll inevitably get the question from your aunt, friend from high school, or the cashier at market. But have no fear, there are ways for us mere mortals to make our lives sound way cooler. Here are a few things to make your summer actually worthwhile, sort of.

1. Knit something. This is admittedly a cheap shot, but winter is closer than you think (I’m sorry) so get crackin. While all your friends will have stories about their wild summers, you’ll be coming back with a whole lotta stitched wool, so basically take THAT.

2. Climb a tree. Something new and something different. Summer is all about the time to learn from new perspectives- yours can be from the top of that oak tree in your neighbor’s yard. Note: if you live in the desert, please don’t climb the cactus.

3. Hang out with your grandparents. Chances are they’re old and bored, and they’ll definitely want to hang out with you (maybe). Stop being lazy and go get guilted into watching an episode of Hawaii 5-0, dummy.

4. Eat real fruit. Yeah, you heard me, liven up your fruit repertoire. Believe it or not- apples, bananas, and the occasional orange are not the only fruits that exist. Mango, strawberries, or watermelon, take your pick. Hell, eat a goddamn kiwi. Live a little

5. SleepThere is absolutely no way that you are caught up on all your sleep. Yeah that’s right, I do read those emails you send me about sleep deprivation, mom.

*and then you immediately closed the tab and continued to watch your 8th episode of the West Wing because that was enough typing for one day.

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