Kenyon Siblings: The Lindsays

College is a stage of our lives where we are often removed from our families for the first time, but this is not always so. Many of us have siblings here, or at other schools, with whom we share very close bonds, experiences, academic interests and even professors. This piece is the fourth in a planned series on relationships with one’s siblings while in college.10535562_10152565564142332_9211750099379369721_o


This post was coauthored by Kate (’15) and Julia (’18) Lindsay.

Okay, so sometimes we get a lot of shit for only writing about our friends–but today we’re pushing boundaries and writing about ourselves. Read on to learn more about us than you ever wanted to know.

What made you choose to come to Kenyon?

Kate: I had come here for Young Writers and, afterwards, thought a place like this would absolutely be too small. But then when I was accepted, it wouldn’t leave my mind. I specifically remember thinking that a new romper I had bought would be a cute thing to wear here. It was from Forever 21 though, so it’s long gone. Do you want to hear more about my romper?

Julia: At the end of the day, despite my adamant claims that I would never go to school with her, I realized that Kenyon was where I needed to be. I was between a school 45 minutes from home where I could see my dogs whenever I needed to, or a school in rural Ohio eight hours from home with my sister. Access to Mac N’ Cheese wedges was also a key factor.

What’s it been like to be on campus together?

Kate: Sometimes she brings me snax and that’s nice.

Julia: I pretty much give the same answer whenever someone asks me this; it’s different, but it’s nice, and we see each other as much or as little as we want. We’re in Peirce at the same times, but on different sides, and I know I can always find her at Wiggin’s if I need to. I still go crazy when we live under the same roof for breaks, but it’s been a comfort to have a friendly face while I adjusted to Kenyon.

Were you goddamn adorable as kids?

We’re so glad you asked! We were!


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