Sendoff In A Quote


It was the best of times, it was the worst of times…and The Kenyon Thrill is here to capture its essence in 20 words or less! Check out our staff’s “sendoff in a quote” after the jump!

  • “Friday: Dying and losing control and feeling of my arms.
    Saturday: Hiding from everyone with Tequila and Judy Garland videos on Youtube.”
  • “We are Old Side, New Side, outside.”
  • “Extendoff needed to end off. Lol.”
  • “My sendoff was equal parts scary, sporty, baby and ginger (believe you me when i say that there was nothin’ posh about it).”
  • “The library was great because I could sit anywhere I wanted and it was very quiet, but I was also sick…”
  • “I haven’t been sober in 48 hours and I feel like I’m swimming through my life in a pool of grape jello.”
  • “It’s Sunday night, and I just found a Keystone can full of white wine in my shower.”
  • “Great fun, good friends, then unnecessarily gratuitous weeping.”
  • “Never drink absinthe after getting high.”
  • “Eating and drinking.”

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