Where Was It Said: Trustee Weekend or in Bed?

“I can see the flagpole from here, sir.” Via kenyon.edu

Good day, Kenyon. Welcome to our latest edition of “Where Was It Said?” Can you differentiate between the chatter of trustee weekend and the bed?

  • “The endowment is looking small this year.” 
  • “Downstairs is closed. Better find somewhere else to eat.”
  • “The students really love Cox. Health and counseling all in one place!”
  • “Oh look, she’s the recipient of my scholarship!”
  • “I would sit on that board.”
  • “Divestment? No, we never pull out.”
  • “The chair of the board ’69 will finish soon.”
  • “Our resources are expansive, but we’re still having trouble attracting students.”
  • “Why is the board so stiff?”
  • “The girth of the 2020 plan is guaranteed to thrust us into the future.”


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