10 o’clock list: Paper Titles That Will Get Me in Trouble


There is something about the death throes of the semester that just put me in a mood, y’know? Assign me six papers, two exams, an essay and a fair bit of regular homework all due within a week and a half, and suddenly I’m feeling simultaneously grouchy and totally giddy with stress. The perfect outlet for such feelings? The titles of your papers.

1. Paper topic: Henry VIII

Title: Breaking Up Is Hard to Do: Henry VIII and the Creation of the Anglican Church

2. Topic: Sociology of Food

Title: There Might Be Starving Children in Bolivia, but I Can Hear My Stomach Growl Over The Roar of My Prius: Examining the Yuppie Love of Quinoa

3. Topic: Paradise Lost

Title: YOLO: A Reexamination of Lucifer’s Actions in Paradise Lost

4. Topic: The Second Punic War

Title: Ringling Got Nothin’ On Me: The Ethics of Hannibal’s Elephant March

5. Topic: Music in Religion

Title: I’ll Be Bach: Images of Jesus in Baroque Composition 

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