Klexicon: T is for Trivia

the vi


Of course The VI is a great restaurant, bar, and concert venue. But every Wednesday night, it hosts what is perhaps our largest drunken brawl — of wits. By 10pm most Wednesdays, the microphone is set up, groups are forming, cards and pens distributed, and the BACs of the competitors are as high as their hopes.

Trivia (trih-vee-uh) n. Held at the Village Inn every week, consists of a collection of teams answering random questions hovering around a (usually very general) topic.

Kenyon Kontext:

Student 1: Hey, you know the critically acclaimed, award winning TV show The OC really well, right?

Student 2: Yeah, dude!

Student 1: Hell, yeah! You’re on my trivia team tonight- we always get The OC question wrong.

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