QUIZ: Guess the Kenyon Professor Based on their Google+ Photo

We're Buzzfeed now.

We’re Buzzfeed now.

Have you ever gotten an email from one of your esteemed professors and thought, “What the hell is that thing in the upper right hand corner of my screen?” No, it’s not one of Gmail’s fruitless attempts at selling you shit from Amazon you simply don’t need – it’s your professor’s long-forgotten Google+ profile photo!

Hm? You don’t think it resembles your incredible educator in the slightest? Trust me, you’re not alone. I’ve been getting progressively more confused about these avatars since my Kenyon email’s creation a little over two years ago. To combat our collective befuddlement, let’s turn this potentially disturbing trend into a fun game! Can you guess which professor is which based on their profile photo? Probably not!

1. Who is this well-groomed eye?

esslinger 2





2. How about this small, furry hand?

weber 2





3. And this weird bit of tree bark or geometric art?

sakai 2





4. Who could this old, old woman be?

mankoff 2





5. Ooh! Cute little animal things! Who do they belong to?

blick 2





Speculate wildly in the comments below and maybe, just maybe, all will be revealed.

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