Weekend Playlist: Class of 2019 Edition


Ah, to be young again.

Social media has blossomed over the past decade, and no more so than in accepted student facebook pages. The crabby meddlers that we are, older Kenyon students have infiltrated the Kenyon Class of 2019 page to offer advice/ post funny (???) jokes. In this realm, we have discovered an untapped goldmine: the Kenyon ’19 Spotify playlist. So pour yourself a glass of Keystone Light, kick back, and enjoy the musical tastes of our incoming freshman class.

Soulja Boy – Pretty Boy Swag

Tell ’em!

The Wombats – Jump into the Fog

There were three songs by The Wombats in a row on this playlist, but for the sake of brevity I only chose one. If anything, this enthusiasm for quadrupedal marsupials can only bode well for this college’s future.

Walk the Moon – Anna Sun

Ah yes, a Kenyon classic. Class of 2019, you’re gonna rattle this ghost town, that’s for damn sure.

Hozier – Cherry Wine

Hozier is the dreamiest lil songster ever. I approve.

alt-J – Warm Foothills

You like hills? Good. That’s good.

Beyonce – Partition

It’s reassuring to know that these future lords and ladies know who the queen is.

Vampire Weekend – Oxford Comma

Brush up on your grammar now, nerds.

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