My Elementary School Journals: A Kenyon Story

My Fifth Grade graduation was a grand event. I remember that I specially matched my braces to my blue chiffon dress for the occasion. An alum returned from the High School, to make us feel small and bestow upon us values that I can’t really remember. In fact, throughout the excessive 2 and half hour ceremony, I don’t think I remember anything that was said. All that I remember is the weird sweaty smell of the gymnasium, and convincing myself that I needed to feel sentimental as I embarked upon my new middle school adventure. A full decade later, I still don’t know how to feel about graduation. I’ve lived about as far ahead as my young mind at that time could comprehend, but part of me wonders what my eleven year old self understood about the future that I may have since forgotten. Here are some young minds of Kenyon College before they graduated elementary school, wondering about the future and writing about the present and past, teaching us all through their carefree innocence:

Gray Clark ’17, History and Russian Area Studies: First Grade

IMG_6715 (1)

Colin Campbell ’15, English: Kindergarten

Colin Campbell Poppers Penguins 1IMG_1053

The jury is still out as to whether this is Colin Campbell ’15’s original writing, but he certainly does an inspiring job of bringing Mr. Popper’s Penguins to life in crayon.

“I’m especially proud of my fish sweater” said Campbell, when asked about his elementary school work.

Claire Brautigam ’15, English and German Area Studies: Fourth Grade

The News Bob Culla found dead after being drowned by a lady, Marny Sockjaw. Marny will be forced to sit in a pile of blue cheese and play

The News
Bob Culla found dead after being drowned by a lady, Marny Sockjaw. Marny will be forced to sit in a pile of blue cheese and play “Taps” every morning. Also, she will be put on a rope and dangled over a pit of hot lava while being sprayed by a skunk. All in all she will be sad she drowned Bob.

To hear Claire explain this: “These are articles from the newspaper of Espyville, Missouri (imaginary and apparently rife with crime)… It’s clear that I really hated cheese when I was a kid…”


Dylan Kaye ’15Psychology: Fifth Grade


And, in a concluding entry to this edition of the series, Dylan Kaye says goodbye to elementary school…12 years ago.

Were you once an elementary schooler with poignant thoughts and feelings? Send us your elementary school journals (even over the summer!) at

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