Kenyon Doppelgangers: EMAIL EDITION

Is this email for Lauren Michael or Lauren Michael? Or maybe it’s for Madeline Thompson…but which one? The world may never know.

So you’ve all seen our Kenyon Doppelgangers with students on campus who LOOK alike, but what about people who have literally the same exact name. Weirdly enough on our teeny tiny campus, we have TWO sets of people with the same name, Madeleine (’15)/Madi (’16) Thompson, and Lauren Elizabeth/Elisabeth Michael (both ’17).

Madi Thompson says that the funniest mix up that’s happened to her was freshman year when she recieved a robe in the mail addressed to “Madeleine Thompson” and spent weeks trying to figure out who had sent her a robe before discovering it wasn’t actually hers.

Madi also recieves tons of emails related to the Collegian, because the other Madeleine is the editor-in-chief, which is probably not good because the Collegian runs on a strict deadline, but Madi always makes sure to forward them to Madeline.

But seriously guys, if you’re trying to email either of the Madel(e)ines, just look at the little picture icon IT HAS THEIR FACES ON IT AND THEIR FACES LOOK VERY DIFFERENT.

Lauren Elisabeth Michael and Lauren Elizabeth Michael have a similar story, but it turns out it’s EVEN MORE complicated.

When they were assigned their emails freshman year, the administration messed up and assigned them the wrong email address, so they were sent the wrong tuition statements and stuff. The administration couldn’t just switch their emails internally, so the Laurens had to meet up and swap login information.

Also, whenever they receive packages from the bookstore, they both get an email that looks like this:

Screen Shot 2015-05-03 at 7.30.20 PM

There are some pretty real fears that come with being a doppelganger though,

“The other Lauren’s middle name is spelled Elisabeth, while mine is Elizabeth. Because of the “s”, she comes first in the alphabet. Because I come second, my secret fear is that they are going to call her up to walk across the stage for graduation, think there is a mistake because there are two of us, and I just won’t be called up!”

Which would just be really really awkward.

Good luck doppelgangers, and may all your packages arrive safely!

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  1. The Madeleine Thompson who’s not Madi is actually a senior, and her first name has an extra e in it!

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