López ’93 in Third Week of Hunger Strike; Petition Circulating for Red Cross to Intervene

(via Change.org)

(via Change.org)

Adriana López Vermut, sister of Leopoldo López ’93, has created a Change.org petition asking the General Secretary of the Union of South American Nations to intercede, and allow the International Committee of the Red Cross to visit the prison where López is being held.

Leopoldo López has been a prisoner in Venezuela since February 2014, and has been on a hunger strike since May 22, 2015. Begun by López and fellow political prisoner Daniel Ceballos, former mayor of San Cristóbal, the hunger strike now includes more than thirty-four individuals. López Vermut is concerned for their health and well-being, and says the Venezuelan Government has ignored her efforts to reach out. She also states in an email circulated to the Kenyon student body by Professor of Sociology George McCarthy that she hopes the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) will enter the prison where López and the other political prisoners are kept to make sure that their treatment is humane.

To see and sign the petition in English, click here.

For the petition in Spanish, click here.

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