Updates from the Hill

You know how whenever you return to Kenyon at the summer, there’s all sorts of changes and it’s just like ugh why didn’t I know about this. Life is gonna be so different now even if it is just removing the carpeting from Caples? Well fret no more! We are here to end all conspiracies! We’ve compiled a short list of some of the goings-on on campus:

The Gambier Grill (aka the Cove):

See, they just repaved the parking lot!

See, they just repaved the parking lot!

Contrary to rumors, the Cove has not been closed most of the summer. In fact, they are open most days for dinner from 5-9 p.m. They closed for a week or so while they repaved the parking lot and patio, but other than that they have been open. Of course, they don’t have the late-night hours like they do during the school year, but everyone’s favorite Mac n Cheese Wedge establishment is still open.

Middle Path:

mp bridgemp gravel

Middle Path construction is still chuggin’ along. Look, they even put down most of the new gravel! Rain delayed the work a bit, but the path should still be ready to go by the time classes start up next month. They even put in these fancy wooden bridges to allow people to cross over (though it hasn’t stopped a few Young Writers from “accidentally” walking onto the path itself.)

Gund Commons:

Look at the new floor in the ballroom!

Look at the new floor in the ballroom!

The new ResLife offices.

The new ResLife offices.

Bathrooms on the main floor!

Bathrooms on the main floor!

This one is the most different – just look at all the pictures! Housing and ResLife has finally moved into their new offices (where the computer lab used to be). The ballroom has had its flooring redone, with new carpeting and the center wood section now being level with the carpet. The gameroom has also seen some minor renovation with bathrooms now on the main level. This is revolutionary, people! No longer must we travel down to the desolate basement level to relieve ourselves in the middle of an all-night study bender in the now-less-dreary ballroom!

Also, the textbook list has been released. Check out what books you’ll need for for classes here.

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