Freshman 15: Places You Should Know (in Mount Vernon)

The Knox County Courthouse – not included in our list because we surely do hope you never have to go to this building (via

Welcome to Kenyon, First Years! Pretty soon you will be pulling into Gambier and ready to start the school year – but before you dive right into life as a Kenyon student, we’ve pulled together a list of businesses in Mount Vernon (our much larger neighbor to the West) that we think you should become familiar with. Check out the list after the break!

  1. Rite-Aid: A pharmacy/convenience store. Also one of the only paces to get liquor within 15 minutes of campus.
  2. Vine St. Barber Shop: A local barbershop frequented by Kenyon students.
  3. Kroger: America’s largest Supermarket chain!
  4. Chipotle: A fine Mexican Grill. Plus every Friday you can play the game “how many students are in line right now?”
  5. Walmart: I feel like this one is kinda obvious…
  6. Southside Diner: A great breakfast/brunch place, especially for those on a budget (i.e. cheaper than the Deli)
  7. Build-a-Biscuit: This place is new and probably unknown to many current Kenyon students, but it sounds intriguing and is worth checking out.
  8. Holiday Inn Express: This is probably your parents will stay whenever the Kenyon Inn is booked. There’s also a good chance you’re staying here the night before move-in.
  9. Panera: A staple for those needing food that isn’t Peirce or Chipotle.
  10. Knox Community Hospital: Hope you don’t ever end up here, but good to know of in case of emergencies!
  11. Fiesta Mexicana: A hotspot for birthday celebrations.
  12. Goodwill: This is where you will look for your Halloween costume. Also probably your Shock Your Mom outfit.
  13. The Other Goodwill: Students rarely go here but they really should because it is much larger than the first Goodwill.
  14. Farmer’s Market: Check this out while you still can – fresh food from local farms.
  15. Jake’s, a Place for Steak: Where you and your parents will eat during Family Weekend because the KI is booked and the VI has a 50 minute wait.

6 responses

  1. All praise!! The Great Jack Quigley has returned for another year of informative yet satirical posting on the thrill. First years, be cautious. His humor is known to entrap and ensnared!

  2. Yeah, Goodwill is a store one could only be seen at to buy a costume. It’s not like some people need to shop there because of monetary limitations…

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