Kenyon Lingo: A Crash Course for First-Years

So, Class of 2019, you’re finally here! As upperclassmen start moving in, you might hear more and more nicknames and buzzwords being thrown around that are unfamiliar. But no one wants to be that first-year who has to ask, so you’ll probably smile knowingly and nod as if you’ve been to that place/met that person/done that thing millions of times. Trust me, I’ve been there. I’ll never forget dragging my friend towards the Aclands one Friday night towards the beginning of my first year, happily yelling “Let’s go to New Apts!” But, not to worry, we here at The Thrill have your back. If you ever find yourself in one of those situations, check out this list and never confuse The Collegian and The Collegiate again!


Let’s start north and work our way south.

  • New Apts – The New Apartments, the ironically named apartments found in the woods at the northernmost tip of campus.
  • NCAs – The North Campus Apartments, much newer than New Apts, and slightly less north. The Stepford Wives-esque white houses with house number organization system that never fails to confuse.
  • The Cove – The Gambier Grill, located behind the market, near the fire station. A hub of alcohol and greasy foods, and one of the few delivery options at Kenyon.
  • The VI – The Village Inn, nestled between the Bookstore and Edwards House. A great bar and restaurant that sometimes features live music.
  • Wiggleground/Wiggin/Middle Ground– Wiggin Street Coffee. Went through a name change several years ago from Middle Ground, thus resulting in the melding of the two names and/or refusal to adopt the newer one.
  • The KI – The Kenyon Inn. Fancy, delicious, convenient.
  • Duplex – The white house on Wiggin Street, across the street from Wiggleground and slightly further down. Home to occasional parties.
  • Pink House – The pink house down the street from Duplex, also home to occasional parties.
  • Horn – The Horn Gallery, located next to Peirce. A student-run space that holds concerts, open-mics, and art shows.
  • Olin/Chalmers – The library. The front area, with most of the books and the spiral staircase is called Olin. The back area, with Helpline on 2nd floor and periodicals on the 3rd floor is called Chalmers.
  • Old Side/New Side – The two main dining halls in Peirce. New Side features bigger, clearer windows, lighter wood, and both round and rectangular tables with chairs. Old Side has stained glass, darker wood, and large rectangular tables with benches.
  • Squad – The Science Quad. Home to Smather (Sam Mather), Hayes, Higley, and Tomsich Halls. Has a really cool statue in the middle of it.
  •  Old K Lounges – The lounges in the basement of Old Kenyon. There are entrances on either end of the building, and a patio in the back that connects them.
  • Bullseye – Rooms on the top floor of Old Kenyon, at either end of the building. They feature large, circular windows (bullseyes) and lots of Keystone Light.


  • D-Cat – President Decatur, the HBIC.
  • Chef Meagan – Executive Chef of AVI at Kenyon, and glowing social media presence. Beloved and treasured by the Kenyon student body.


  • The Collegian vs. The Collegiate – The Collegian is Kenyon’s school newspaper, a very serious publication. The Collegiate is a publication that is… well… pick one up and see for yourself.
  • Newscope/Newscape – The flyers at every table in Peirce that detail upcoming events, feature announcements, and dole out some fun facts. Became Newscape at the end of last year for no apparent reason.
  • Fraternities/Sororities – Here’s a cheat sheet for the nicknames of the members of each-
    • Frats
      • ADs – Alpha Delta Phi
      • Betas – Beta Theta Pi
      • DKEs – (pronounced Deeks) Delta Kappa Epsilon
      • Delts – Delta Tau Delta
      • Phi Kaps – Phi Kappa Sigma
      • Phi Taus – Phi Kappa Tau
    • Sororities
      • Alpha Taus – Alpha Sigma Tau (formerly the Kappas)
      • EDMs – Epsilon Delta Mu
      • Thetas – Theta Delta Phi
      • Zetas – Zeta Alpha Phi
    • Societies
      • Peeps – Peeps O’Kenyon
      • Archons – The Archon Society


Upperclassmen, did we miss anything important? Let us know in the comments!

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