Preparing for Kenyon: People You Should Know



Your first few days at Kenyon will be filled with introductions to all sorts of people. Since we know how overwhelming that can be, we have highlighted a few College employees that we think are important to know during Orientation. Each of these people plays a key role in ensuring your transition to college life goes as smoothly as possible. (That is not to say that anyone not mentioned doesn’t play a role, just that these were the people we thought of while our brains were on vacation mode. We take blogging very seriously, as you can tell.)


  • Dean Toutain (aka Dean 2 Chainz [but not actually]), Dean of Students
  • Sean M. Decatur (aka D-Cat), President — We think his position is pretty clear. But if you are confused, you can ask him when you see him walking around campus. He, and his family, live in Cromwell Cottage (just north of Gund Gallery) and his office is in Ransom Hall, just across Middle Path from the Library.
  • Dean Ngai (aka Hoi Ning), Dean for Academic Advising and Support — She is around to help you if you are having any kind of academic problem, from choosing your major to deciding to drop a class. She also sends out Dean’s Lists every semester with tips on how to improve your academic performance.
  • Your Advisor — Your advisor will not necessarily be the same for all four years, but they will help you sign up for classes and get a feel for academics at Kenyon.

 Orientation Folk

  • Dean Tacci Smith, Associate Dean of Students, Director of New Student Orientation
  • Lacey Filkins, Assistant Director of New Student Orientation
    • Tacci and Lacey are the masterminds behind Orientation. They do everything from planning each event to selecting and training the UCC staff.
  • Your UCC — The person that should be helping you navigate your first few days and weeks at Kenyon.


  • Scott Gill-Jacobson, Assistant Director (AD) of Housing and Residential Life for South Campus.
  • Jessica Maloney, Assistant Director of Housing and Residential Life for the First-Year Quad and Mather & McBride.
    • They oversee the Community Advisor staff for your Residential Area.
  • Jill Engel-Hellman, Director of Housing and Residential Life and Assistant Dean of Students — She is our head of ResLife, and oversees everything housing-related. Your CA and AD will deal with any issues that arise, but she is also a good person to know.
  • The Maintenance Employee that works in your hall — They clean your shit. Thank them and say hello to them daily.

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