Keeping it Fresh: Ways to Take Care of Yourself This Year


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Freshman year is hard. Whether it hits you socially, academically, physically, or emotionally (you’re not alone if it’s a combination of all four) moving to college is a massive change. It’s really easy when things get rough to let your well-being fall to the side. As someone who only found the counseling center and the KAC the last week of April, I get it. There are really easy ways to treat yo’ self as infrequently as your screwed-up perception of health allows you to!

Take 10 minutes to…

  • Lay in bed– just lay there, awake, for 10 minutes. It’s not easy but it’s so nice to let yourself worry about everything for 5 minutes before quickly bottling that shit up and going about your life again.
  • Walk to Peirce and make yourself a tea– or literally get whatever you want, we’ll get to the whole exercise thing later.

Take 30 minutes to…

  • Grab a coffee and sit on new side with a friend– it’s okay if you don’t like them yet, that’s normal, but go get a coffee and sit with your friend. Talk about anything and maybe you’ll start feeling close enough to talk about regular human things.
  • Take a shower–odds are, you need to, and, odds are, you’ll feel really nice afterwards (you could also just take 10 minutes and wash your face)

Take 1 hour to…

  • Go to the KAC/the gap trail– this doesn’t have to be some intense work out, but find an activity you enjoy and do it 3 times a week. That means you could genuinely put this off until the weekend if you’re pretending you don’t have time during the week, or you could leave your weekends open for all that raging you do in the bullseye, or whatever.
  • Go to the counseling center– I’m not kidding, I didn’t do this until April, and I instantly saw a change in my life. I’m not suggesting that everybody needs this, but if you’re having a hard time, or something feels off, go talk to someone. It seems daunting right now, but it is amazing.


These are year-long quick tips to help you out, and you maybe don’t want them yet– but always remember, It’s Okay If You’re Not Having Fun Yet!

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