The Eagle Has Landed

Via tumblr

The egg is in the nest. Elvis has entered the building. The chicken has crossed the road. And your roommate is still in the fucking shower. But, dear reader, fret not. You can take solace in the fact that your roommate does, in fact, shower and that The Thrill is back to pretend that writing about it somehow resembles journalism.

With these happy thoughts we’d like to welcome you to the 2015-16 academic year. The reign of Jack Quigley and Claire Berman, both ’16, has come and gone and we’ve shipped them off to that weird retirement village in Mount Vernon called Emeritus. Bummer. I’ll be acting as Editor-in-Chief in their stead, with Natasha Preston ’17 and Carolyn Ten Eyck ’18  acting as Executive Editors.

In the upcoming weeks we’ll be seeking aspiring comedians, artists, essayists, etc. to join our staff, so keep an eye out for our application. Until then, thanks for reading! We love you. And we will never. Ever. Let you go. In fact, there’s a shrine for you somewhere in The Collegian office. But hey, you didn’t hear it here.

The warmest and fuzziest of regards,

Annaliese Milano ’16

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