Things You Missed on Campus Last Year


It may surprise you to hear that last year things happened on campus.  So, in case you were abroad last year or living under a rock, we have compiled a list of moments from last year that you should be aware of.  Also, froshpeople should take note as well to be fully immersed into Kenyon kulture. 

In September, Laci Green, the famous vlogger and sex expert, came to Kenyon as part of “Take Back the Night.”

In October, the PEEPS Halloween party was shut down early and everybody was confused about what to do afterwards.

In November, we all went to Peircegiving and it was delicious.

In December, new printers came to campus and life became easier.

In January, it was cold and literally nothing of note happened.  I went through all my emails and Thrill archives and I didn’t find anything.

In February, Cinearts hosted Nora Ephron-a-thon on Valentine’s Day, showing When Harry Met Sally, Sleepless in Seattle, and You’ve Got Mail.

In March, after some controversy, the Senior Studio Art exhibitions were presented at Gund Gallery.

In April, for Sendoff, Danny Brown & Logic performed.

In May, the class of 2015 graduated – the commencement speaker was Martha Raddatz.

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