Where Was It Said: Orientation or in Bed?


this is what you get when you google “orientation”

Ah Orientation…long, belabored, and sticky–one of the most awkward weeks of our college careers. Let the record show that orientation is in no way…sexy. But still, we’ve noticed some shockingly coincidental euphemisms littered throughout conversations these past few weeks. That’s right….we’re bringing back one of our favorite games: where was it said– orientation or in bed?

  • Wanna see my dingle?
  • This is my first time going this far south
  • It can get pretty boring but I’m learning a lot
  • Where are you going? I’ve never been there before
  • I have to eat another goddam hot dog?
  • What’s your name again?
  • I lost my Kcard last night*

*K-card is a euphamism here for virginity

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