Getting Familiar with the GOOD Kind of Mad Cow

If you haven’t already heard The Best News Ever, Kenyon has a new, sustainable late-night food service that specializes in grilled cheese and grilled chocolate sandwiches (??!??!). We’ve reached out to the students behind the project, Lucy Adams ’16, Cathy Mayer ’16, and Michael Buse ’16 to fill us in on the details of the project.

You might have smelled the grilled cheesy goodness on your stumble walk home this past weekend and thought, “what IS this miracle happening before my eyes/under my nose/all around me?” It was none other than The Mad Cow, the food truck dedicated to serving our Kenyon community with tasty sandwiches from locally sourced ingredients. We do go to school in the midst of expansive farmland, so it’s great they’re taking advantage and reaching out to our local dairy producers.

“Doug Daniels, the owner of Meadow Maid farm and our cheese supplier, has helped us out a ton with setting up the cart and becoming health certified. We have spent a lot of time visiting his farm and seeing how the cheese is made and he has taught us all about running a food cart since he has a few mobile food operations himself. His farm is about fifteen minutes from campus and really beautiful, and he makes delicious cheese and vanilla ice cream with ‘grandma’s recipe’!”

“Our main goal is to provide a much needed service to the Kenyon community — food options for late-night weekend dining. We will definitely continue to be as sustainable as possible and feature special ingredients from the Kenyon Farm and other surrounding farms. Mostly we wanted to create and maintain atmosphere where people can enjoy some delicious food, hang out with friends, and satisfy munchies across campus with a hot, crunchy, gooey, golden grilled cheese.” The plan is for the truck to move around campus according to where things are happenin’, so it’ll never be far from wherever you are.

Now, if that’s not a business statement you can get behind, then I don’t know what. You can find The Mad Cow set up on Ransom Lawn from 5:30 – 8:00 this Friday, before the Cinearts screening of Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. In the mean time you can like them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter (madcowkenyon1) & Instagram (themadcow43022).

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