PSA: Wine and Weed Can Knock You the Hulk Out

image via goodreads saving ur dang life via the Thrill

Yeah, I know. You’ve had Beer & Sex, and you, like me and every other member of the Kenyon student body, went to every meeting, memorized everything your Beer & Sex advisors said, and have ever since then been living a responsible and uneventful life, especially in regards to substances. That’s super great and I’m real proud of us.

But let’s just say you were thinking about getting a little crazy, like uppers and downers crazy. You know what they say about uppers and downers. They say don’t do that. You know. We all know. Okay. The downer is alcohol, the upper is graaaasss, you say? Still counts, and here’s a thing:

I’m not trying to tell you what to do or not to do, and if you know your limits and what’s cool for you, then cool, BUT I will say if you are going to be downing drinks and toking up, watch out for multiple factors including how much and what you’re drinking, how much you’re smoking and how much and what you’ve eaten recently, because very specifically eating late in the day, drinking red wine and smoking can mess with your blood sugar and potentially cause you to black TF out, potentially hitting your noggin as well as cause a particularly unpleasant high to boot. Like we established before, I wouldn’t know this from personal very scary experience but mom needs to lie down for a little bit now.

Also, underage drinking and mary j are illegal in Ohio. So, you know, don’t.

Be safe, kids!

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