First-Year Bucket List

bucket list

Feeling bored/overwhelmed/like there’s only one thing to do every day of the week? The Thrill is here to help! We polled everyone we could find (which was really only like 4 people, we’re not that popular) to get you first-years the ultimate First-Year Bucket List! Read on after the jump to see what you can’t miss out on before hitting the eventual brain death of Sophomore year!

  • Streak down middle path- chilling, exposing, and uncomfortable, sounds like the ice cream social all over again!
  • Ring the bells Friday afternoon with the Pealers- this actually looks cool as shit.
  • Visit the Observatory- We have a super cool telescope that we paid a super large amount for so maybe hike up those trails by the quad and go find it.
  • Go to a sporting event- This sounds fake but ok.
  • Actually go to the events you get emails forpeople did this and seemed to be happy about it? 
  • Go on a walk on the gap trail- Dogs! Recumbent bikes! Elderly women on walks! What’s not to love?
  • Climb the Peirce tower We probably shouldn’t endorse this, but we’re here to provide the uncensored truth for our readers.
  • Take a day to do absolutely nothing- I suggest practicing this daily.
  • Swim in the Kokosing “you get a rash”- anonymous
  • Piss on the Gates of Hell this is foul and I really want it to end.


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