Overheard at Kenyon: Back 2 Skewl

He’s always listening. (via Diverse Education)

Welcome back, y’all. This past week has been filled with questions, comments, concerns, and more – here are some tidbits we’ve found along the way:

  • Freshman Talking About Her Sophomore Housing, Probably: “Which one is Caples again?
  • Sophomore, Ready to Get Back In the Groove: “I don’t have any homework, so I guess that means I can start drinking early.”
  • Bad Influence: “Let’s take six shots in my room.”
  • Talking About Sports: “Is that an actual thing? To top-to-bottom someone?”
  • Excited About New Clubs: “I have a new fishing rod for Kenyon Fishing Club.”
  • Girl Who is Setting Herself Up For Disappointment: “There’s just so much upperclassmen housing, so many different options.”
  • Ready For Summer of Love: “Where’s the Ganter?”
  • Freshman Who Is Probably Stretching Themselves Too Thin: “Do you think I can handle all these clubs?”
  • The KAC Is Too Far: “I hate that there’s only one dining hall. That means Kenyon can hold meals hostage and make us go to the Activity Fair.”


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