Dafra Kura Brings West African Dance to Kenyon Once More

Via vailseries.org/current-season/dafra-kura-band/

West African drum master and choreographer, Oliver Tarparga is back at Kenyon and he’s brought his acoustic group, Dafra Kura, with him. In collaboration with Professor of Dance Balinda Craig-Quijada, Tarpaga and his group have come to Kenyon for a week-long residency that will terminate on Thursday September 10th. Throughout the brief residency, Tarpaga and Dafra Kura will facilitate various workshops with students in addition to attending several classes.

The musicians of Dafra Kura come from Burkina Faso and create music in the Griot tradition that examines issues of diversity and tolerance. The group’s residency will end with a performance at Rosse Hall at 7 p.m. on Thursday.

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