Film Analysis: Kenyon Virtual Tour


Boy oh boy, what a fun place to be!


Here at The Thrill we like to pride ourselves on our academic (as well as journalistic integrity). As any great lifelong learner knows, constructive criticism is an integral part of the growing process. The Kenyon College Virtual Tour, available to any idle internet browser, paints a pretty picture of our campus. But does that picture stand up to the scrutiny of world weary, scaly-elbowed collegiate types? Find out after the jump.

  1. Cromwell Cottage

  • “There are no interior shots. I was really hoping to catch a glimpse of D-Cat’s dogs. Disappointing.”
  • “Honestly I’m sure I’ve passed by this before but I have never noticed this building–why on earth is it on the virtual tour. Also we never go inside??? Just a 360 shot of a cottage, very riveting stuff. Would not be surprised if I went all four years without noticing this building once.”

2.  Peirce Hall

  • “Gauging the camera-readiness of pizza muffins is risky, but that’s one risk I wish this video had taken.”
  • “This one makes me laugh the most because they only show the stained glass windows in peirce. Literally nothing else is featured–pizza waffles deserve their fifteen seconds in the limelight. “

3. Old Kenyon

  • “Again, the no-interior-shots method is striking me as intentionally deceptive.”
  • “85-90% of my Old Kenyon memories are vomit-based.”
  • “but forreal did they vsco cam filter that intro clip “
  • “Are we not gonna talk about how people burned alive in this building.”

5. First-Year Quad

  • “Needs about 1000% more lady beetles.”
  • “This music is so dumb oh my god, is the endowment so small that they can’t even afford non royalty free music.”
  • “Never seen a single person having a picnic on this lawn this lawn is mostly snow and ice almost all year no one sits here. lots of drug deals no picnics “
  • “ok these angles don’t make mcbride any prettier pls stop trying.”

6. Olin and Chalmers Libraries

  • “Those trees aren’t there anymore. And no one studies in Greenslade.”
  • “The amount of natural light in this video is extremely deceptive.”

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