Beer and Snack Pairings

(via There’s more to life than Natty Light, babe.

If there’s one thing I like almost as much as studying, it’s drinking beer and eating snacks. I guess that’s two things, but if you do them at the same time, it should probably count as one thing, right? Now, really, you can mix and match almost any beer with almost any snack and you’re going to be having a pretty good time, but here are some recommendations from me to you for a gourmet experience straight from the Village Market:

  • IPA and Hot Cheetos: Hoppiness, which is largely responsible for an IPA’s strong flavor and bitterness, is a great match for the spiciness of Hot Cheetos, as it will be able to hold its own against them. (I’m kind of biased because I’m from Maryland, but I highly recommend a Flying Dog IPA, perhaps Raging Bitch).

  • Pilsner and Wee Brie: I learned this from a serving suggestion on the back of a box of brie and I haven’t turned back since. Wee Brie isn’t exactly the same thing as real brie per se, but will still taste pretty good with a Pilsner, as the relatively mild flavors should pair well, and the carbonation of the beer will help cut the creaminess of the cheese.
  • Porter and Market Chili: Porters tend to be on the darker, slightly smokier side, which goes great with the combination of beef and tomato in Market Chili. Add Hot Cheetos to the Chili for my number one snack combo of all time.
  • Hefeweizen and fruit: I don’t eat fruit. But if I did, I’d drink a Hefeweizen with it. The German-style wheat beer has a very light taste with some fruity notes, which I assume would be tasty with fruit. IDK.

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