Inside the Artist’s Sketchbook: Livy Porter ’18

This feature was conceived as a foray into the hearts/minds of Kenyon’s finest artists through the pages of their sketchbooks. This week, we talk with Livy Porter ’18.


Livy’s high school senior thesis

Livy Porter’s favorite medium of art would have to be projecting.  She says she enjoys this form because it fills emptiness and she enjoys creating something out of nothing (not to mention that by using a computer, it can be rather cost efficient). 

Often, her artwork will usually reflect observations that have occurred at some point in life or even just a weird daydream.

Her artwork has definitely changed over the years, Livy says.  She used to be very interested in magical realism, but has more recently begun to find pleasure in more naturally abstract things rather than virtually manipulating things.


A more recent project

Livy has taken several art classes at Kenyon, ranging from Digital Imaging to Contemporary Perspective Sculpture.  In addition, she also enjoys to create art in her free time, having recently completed two large murals each about the size of two Peirce tables.

Livy’s favorite piece she has created was her senior thesis in high school for her studio art class.  It was a combination of multiple mediums, focusing on a tangle of bright orange chicken wire.  The shape of a cube was cut out of the chicken wire and then, the shape of a cube was projected into the cutout.  Livy likes to call it a new dimension, perhaps 2.5 D, because it fits somewhere between the second and third dimension.



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