Summertime Gladness: A Collection of Stories


The Thrill reached out to our wonderful student body to submit their anecdotes from this past summer, and oh boy did you all rise up to the occasion. For starters:

  • “[I] read erotica in the Sistine Chapel.”

  • “I got a stick and poke tattoo outside of a coffee shop.”
  • “I met Mark Walberg and accidentally called him Matt Damon….”
  • “My boyfriend and I went surprise swimming with some friendly hippies. Naked. In a river. Somewhere off the grid.”
  • “A lady came up to me in D.C. and told me, ‘You know, nobody said the new frontier was a good thing’ and walked away. Later that night, I had to cancel my credit card because I was scammed.”
  • “I was leaving a gynecologist appointment and right outside I ran into my high school religion teacher.”
  • “Got an ass tatt!”
  • “I feel asleep on the ground at Lollapalooza and had to be woken up by a security guard.”
  • “Asked the founder and CEO of Twitter to verify my account.”
  • “I hot-boxed a cop car outside of a Costco.”
  • “I rode a camel!!!!!”

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