The Friday Ketchup

photoHey, hey, hey, how’s it hanging!? Boy, have you gotten bigger since the last time I saw you? Kids these days grow up so quickly don’t they? One minute they’re making macaroni art, the next they’re making post-modern art commenting on the social inequities of the last capitalist macaroni production system and staging protests outside of Kraft headquarters. I’ll tell ya, it really makes your head spin. Well, anyways, it’s great to see ya! It’s the Friday Ketchup.

National Geographic announced plans to form a commercial media company with Rupert Murdoch’s 21st Century Fox. Fox will own a majority share of the company, though the National Geographic Society will have equal representation on the board. While the deal greatly increases the Society’s endowment, many are questioning the decision to partner with Murdoch, a self-professed climate change skeptic. I don’t see the problem here. If the market wills it, then it must be right! This is simply a great man using his power to further expand his holdings, and there is nothing wrong with that. What’s wrong are nonprofits relying upon the donations of others to survive. How can a nonprofit like National Geographic look at themselves in the face and feel anything but deep shame for being leeches upon society and great men? What would Ayn Rand think? I bet she’s turning over in her grave. For shame, nonprofits!

During a interview with CNN, former Alaskan governor and 2008 vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin said of immigrants, “When you’re here, let’s speak American.”

I don’t have any jokes about that. Any comedy I could think up would pale incomparison to the absurdity of the comment.

Well, that sure was an article in The Thrill. Yep, of all the pieces that have ever been published on the site, that was certainly one of them. Sure, there have been other people who have written things that showed up on this site, but that was the one a person wrote and put up on the internet for other people to see and read, and that’s really what makes it special.

*Get it? Its a pun. I love political humor.

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