Ohiolina: Did You Know This Was a Thing


looks like so much fun

There’s this thing happening near us, and we just don’t talk about it enough. Ohiolina is a celebration of the music and culture rooted in the I-77 corridor from Ohio to North Carolina—two states with similar histories and each with unique contributions to the arts. It’s a fun music festival with food and proceeds that help the local community.


Where: Morgan Farms (19260 Hopewell Road Mount Vernon, OH 43050)

When: September 19, 2015 / Saturday 11:00am–11pm

Want to email them for fun?: ohiolina@gmail.com

If fun, food, and music on a farm in the middle of Ohio isn’t enticing enough–we’ve found some specifically genius band names. Buffalo Wabs and the Price Hill Hustle will be performing on the main stage at 6 pm. Yarn (yes, Yarn) will be at 7:45 pm. If that isn’t enough for you, how interesting would it be to go to a music festival  in Mt. Vernon.  

Check out more info at ohiolina.com

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