Kenyon Klexicon: V is for VI


The Village Inn (AKA, the VI) is a well-regarded town bar that does not require ID to enter. You will most likely try to eat dinner here over family weekend because someone dropped the ball on making KI reservations and now you have to wait 3 hours for a table. You’ll also probably give up and go to Bob Evan’s.

The VI (vee-eye): The only bar you can probably get into on campus between that unidentified house and the registrar’s office.

Kenyon Kontext:

Student 1: Hey let’s get drinks later!

Student 2: I am not of age and cannot get into The Cove because no one told me they were getting fakes. Can we go to the VI? Also I will not be drinking, because I am not of age and that is ILLEGAL.

Student 1: That’s where I wanted to go anyway; their garlic aioli is seriously out of this world!

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