Costs a Latte: The Most Expensive Coffee in Gambier

So last year, there was this article, which showed that a woman broke the record for most expensive Starbucks latte. The cost totaled at $57 post loyalty card (it was $60.58 initially, which is BEYOND obscene).

As a hardcore investigative reporter I thought, Hey what’s the most expensive drink we could make at Wiggin Street Coffee? I reached out to Alicia Wright ’16, an employee at our beloved coffee shop, for answers. AND DID SHE DELIVER. Not only did she give me the answers I needed, SHE MADE IT FOR ME FOR FREE.


The beloved Alicia Wright, coffee connoisseur

Alicia crafted for me a 24oz frozen galaxy latte, with two extra shots of espresso (five shots total), soy milk, and caramel drizzle. The total cost of this drink is $7.06.

However, there is no limit to how many shots of espresso you can put in your cup, so if you wanted to put 16 more shots in your frozen latte, you could, and it would cost you $15.06.

The Taste Test: The thing that makes me mad is that the latte itself was fucking delicious. I’m a caffeine addict, so the minute Alicia told me there were five shots of espresso, I was in love. I am now very sad because I will never test the glory of the five-shot soy galaxy latte ever again. But in my memory it lives on.



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