DIY Dorm Haircuts: A Guide

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always use safety scissors bc safety

We all showed up on campus a month ago looking fly as heck with freshly shorn locks and impeccable summer outfits. But as the days pass by, dye begins to fade and undercuts start growing out. At this point, we’re all just shuffling around wearing potato sacks and failing to shower regularly. Haircuts can be few and far between if you don’t go to the local barbers, and sometimes the urge to cut your own hair is too strong to resist. Here are some tips n’ tricks from all of us here at The Thrill for when you decide to break out the scissors.

Cut into hair, not straight across. No matter how careful you are, it will never be perfectly straight. Never. Cutting into your hair makes it look more feathery and soft, which can work in your favor to hide any unevenness.

Make sure hair is combed out and damp. This one is slightly obvious, but it bears repeating. There’s nothing quite like washing your hair after a trim and finding all the uneven pieces you missed before.

Go slow. If you’re in the mood to make a drastic cut, snipping off a ponytail is real fun and empowering (and makes for a killer before/after pic) but if you’re in for a trim, go inch by inch, layer by layer. Something that’s worked well for me has been putting my upper layer into a ponytail and trimming off the bottom layer first, then putting down the top layer and cutting it to be slightly shorter than the bottom layer.

For bangs, cut from the middle out.  And for gosh sakes go slow. Holding a comb straight across your forehead while cutting can be helpful to measure against.

For layers: embrace the ponytail. Put your hair in a ponytail at the top of your head, directly above the bridge of your nose. Next, put a ponytail holder at the end of your hair, with the amount you want to cut dangling from the end. Cut that part off, then remove the ponytail holders. LAYERS!

Spot check. It’s generally a good idea to shower and reevaluate. There are usually a few bits and pieces that you missed, so don’t forget to stare at yourself in the mirror for a really, really long time post-haircut.

Use your iPhone to check for evenness. If you have a phone that can take videos, prop it against something, start filming, and do a slow rotation in front of the camera. This will help you check the back of your head for evenness.

Remember it’s Kenyon, and no one really gives a shit. Accidentally shave half of your head? Cut your bangs way too short? It’s a conversation piece. It’s a political statement. It’s performance art. And at the end of the day, it’ll usually grow back.

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