Exclusive: Ransom Riggs ’01 Dishes on His College Housing

OMG!!!! RANSOM!!!!

OMG!!!! RANSOM!!!!

Young Adult Fiction Heartthrob and Kenyon Royalty Ransom Riggs ’01 recently spilled the beans on his housing quarters during his time at Kenyon.

As it turns out, Ransom was able to score them sweet digs above the bookstore. Josh Radnor ’96 lived in Bexley, a building no one lives in or really knows about twenty years later. Other alums weren’t so lucky – John Green ’00 lived in Mather his freshman year where he reportedly did enough smoking and drinking for a lifetime. Mather kids, am I right?

Try as I may, I wasn’t able to find any information on Allison Janney ’82 beyond a ton of pictures of her in plays at Kenyon. Maybe she lived off campus. And as for Paul Newman,  even though Special Collections didn’t have his housing information, they did have his application to Kenyon (so go to the library and check out that sweet chunk of history!!)

And that about sums it up for all the information anyone could want about any Kenyon alum ever. Ever.

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  1. Josh Radnor probably lived in the Bexleys (which were torn down for the NCAs), not in Bexley. Those were actually pretty coveted housing, not least because they had parking spots right outside.

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