First Year Deb Ball: Expectation vs. Reality

Glitter ferret won Deb Ball. Via

Deb Ball (in addition to Shock Your Mom) is the party you brag about to friends from other schools. Everyone remembers their first Deb Ball at Kenyon (or distinctly don’t remember it).  We asked our First-Year writers about their expectations for the weekend and then about the reality they experienced at the party. Check out some of their thoughts on Kenyon’s treasured ball:


  • “General silliness, freedom of expression.”
  • “…dancing terribly to loud music and being too messed up to even comprehend what was happening.”
  • “Guys wearing dresses.”
  • “Cross-dressing.”
  • Sitting in my room watching The Office and drinking hot chocolate.”
  • “Encounters with People who Experiment with Every Possible Substance (literally). A turf war between Deb Ball and Stash Bash.”
  • “A couple guys wearing dresses, most people disregarding the theme. I expected something more like a typical Old K throw down.”


  • First, let us take a moment to bow down to the guy who wore a wedding dress. You are amazing. I was surrounded by intoxicated boys in dresses and makeup, which was somewhat sexually confusing. As an overall impression of our community, it was so affirming to see everyone banding together in this weird cabaret, breaking cultural convention.”
  • “The only possible substance to experiment with was gross beer. And I left before the glitter happened (is that a good thing or a bad thing?).”
  • “It was funny until I got really drunk and realized that some of the guys looked better in dresses than I do. Also, a lot of glitter. And silliness.”
  • “Pretty much exactly what I expected… which also happened to be the best party I’ve been to all year.”
  • “Speedos, bras, wedding dresses, crop tops, and a little bit of ass cleavage! I woke up the next morning not sure everything actually happened or if I had experienced some sort of fever dream.”
  • “Glittery, boozy, and sweaty cross-dressing. Also, the PEEPS lounge is kinda scary.”
  • “Sitting around a bonfire playing with puppies before retiring to my room to watch The Office and drink hot chocolate. Being the only person stirring in the morning. Seriously, it felt like I had stepped into I Am Legend.”

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