Quick n’ Easy Fall Decorations

Hey, it’s that one picture! (via kenyon.edu)

October is among us, which can only mean one thing – Halloween! The only way you can be sure to have a happy October is to decorate your dorm accordingly. Now, you can always go to Walmart and pick up some easy peasy, pre-assembled tricks and treats,  but that’s not fun. So here are some quick and fun and definitely sanitary decorations.

  1. Leaves! The leaves among Middle Path are beginning to fall, which means you can finally harvest them to form the perfect leaf pile in your dorm! Your roommate might try and stop you, and so might your CA. Heck, the Office of Residential Life might bust down your dorm! Don’t let that keep you from making your room appropriately “Fall-ish.”
  2. Trees! To expedite the leaves-changing-colors process, it’s best to bring the tree into your room. I know it seems logistically implausible (note: I did not say impossible), but you’ve just gotta trust me on this one. Simply identify an already dying tree and hack away. It might be illegal, and also grounds for expulsion, but the Pumpkin Spice Patron Saint did not die for you to miss out on getting a beautiful Oak in your room.
  3. Dirt!! Dirt, dirt, dirt – everyone’s favorite part of Fall! Grab a shovel and dig, my friend, because you simply must get enough dirt to cover your entire floor. You’ve gotta commit if you want the look. Don’t back down, c’mon, Jesse, you said you would do this – do you wanna be on the racquetball team or what? It’s not hazing, dude, we’ll all help you clean up! C’mon. We’re all counting on you.
  4. Real spider webs. Yeah, I know, you can just buy that weird cotton netting stuff. But what’s the fun in that? For a more authentic feel, collect spiders and let them roam throughout your room. Perfect.

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