The Thrill’s Submissions to the Greenhouse Photo Contest

mushroom cloud greenhouse

Now THAT’S art.

When the Greenhouse called for photo submissions to decorate its interior last week, we felt that the seedlings of our creativity had finally been fertilized. They gave only two guidelines:

1. Greenhouse-related Submissions (The Kenyon College greenhouse is the setting of your photo, or at least in the background of your photo. Pictures can be of plants, humans, the greenhouse structure itself, or anything greenhouse related!)
2. General Submissions (Be creative! Show us the world from your point of view!)

Ahhh, human beings you say? The world from my point of view you want? Ho ho ho, hee hee hee. You know not what you’ve done, my little bearded garden gnome.

Here’s a few submissions that we know will supplant the competition. 

cat foot

Art imitating life.

wild west guinea pig

Life imitating art.

toes to grow

Toes to grow.


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