The Queer Alumni are Here to Rock Our World

So rainbow. So gay. All my dreams are alive.

So rainbow. So gay. All my dreams are alive.

You’ve heard the whispers and murmurs throughout campus. You’ve wondered, could this really be happening here? At our little cornfield oasis? The answer is yes, friends. The queer alumni (or GALA as they call themselves) are coming, and they are going to rock our world with all the sweet events that are happening on campus this weekend.

For the first time since 2003, GALA (The Gay and Lesbian Alumni) are meeting for a reunion at Kenyon. But for the first time, it will be happening concurrently with an LGBTQ prospie weekend, which will let students interested in queer life at Kenyon explore this aspect in further depth.

A few students got to work on planning this weekend, including Madi Thompson ’16. She says:

“Personally, I hope to learn a lot from the alumni about what Kenyon was like for LGBTQIA students when they were here, and I hope to show prospective students that they are welcome here.

“I think it can certainly be an opportunity to expand some people’s view on queer issues, but it’s not an educational conference, it’s a reunion, so the main goal of the event is connecting the alumni, students, and prospective students.”
There’s definitely going to be plenty of opportunities to connect with prospies and alumni alike, I mean LOOK AT ALL THESE EVENTS I’M SO EXCITED.
Saturday, October 10th 
10 a.m. – History of GLBTQ at Kenyon with Kenyon Historian Thomas Stamp ’73
1 p.m. – Reading and book signing, Brendan J. Sullivan ’04, “Rivington Was Ours: Lady Gaga, the Lower East Side, and the Prime of Our Lives (guys this dude was DJ for Lady Gaga. People are so cool.)
4 p.m – Being Out in the Workplace – An alumni career panel (thank god I really need advice on how to be adult gay and my dreams are finally being fulfilled).
9 p.m. – All-campus Dance Party with D.J. Brendan J. Sullivan ’04 (we’re gonna get turnt with a Lady Gaga D.J. and a bunch of other queer alums. I love my life.)
Sunday, October 11th 
4 p.m. – What’s next for GLBTQIA at Kenyon?
7 p.m. – Prospective Student GLBTQIA Discussion
9 p.m. Performance: Everyone is Gay (seriously look these people up, they’re awesome)
A complete list of events is below with locations and descriptions! Have a big gay weekend! (Unless you are lame and going home for fall break. Then tell your parents I say hello.)

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