What to do With Your Fall Break

oh BABY! (via nickomargolies.com)

Hello and welcome to The Thrill‘s guide to navigating a long weekend on the hill! Considering it’s our only casual break in the academic year, reading days are a big deal here. We’re not getting time off for a holiday, but we’re not getting a whole week to just travel to wherever-the-hell, so a lot of students stay on campus and get creative with their freedom. Plenty of people are content with relaxing their Daze away and taking advantage of the breathing space the break gives them. But for the others who maybe want to try something new, boy oh boy do we have a few tricks up our sleeves for you!

  • Rent a projector from the library and create a makeshift theater in your own room. It’s free, it’s easy. It’s free. And it’s easy!
  • Take a day trip out to one of the 3 C’s (Columbus, Cleveland, Cincinnati). All relatively close, each city has different things to offer for the short-term visitor. Do a quick Google search for city attractions and plan accordingly!
  • Go to a pumpkin patch/an orchard. It’s fall break, sue me!
  • Go camping. We are surrounded by beautiful nature sights. Find one and plop down a tent with friends! It’s okay if you don’t have a sleeping bag, you can rent camping supplies from Outdoors Club. Magic.
  • How ’bout you do your work for once? They don’t call them Reading Days for nothing.
  • Whatever the hell else you want to do with your own time. “Okay? Okay.” -John Green ’00

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