Seniors Reminisce: The Great AllStu War of 2013

In the cold darkness of February 2013, a scourge descended upon Kenyon and laid waste to our tiny school. A simple AllStu, entitled “131 Assassins so far. Are you one?” unleashed a chaos that devoured countless Kenyon emails accounts. What was just an invitation to play an all-campus game became a wasteland of over 120 replies, many of them crying to be released from the chain. While most of the digital fracas was contained to the night of February 27th, the last reply was not sent until more than a month later, on April 5th. We asked a few seniors what they remember about the infamous AllStu War.

Elizabeth Norman ’16

Very little. I remember it being like a dumb thing with students and then I felt very embarrassed that professors were fighting on it. What was it about?

Nathaniel Epstein ’16

Lol yeah that was nuts. Bring it back.

Annaliese Milano ’16

Can’t remember sorry.

Tori Hoover ’16

People were sending stuff in like, “Did you see Jennifer Lawrence in Silver Linings Playbook? So lovely.”

Editor’s note: The movie referenced was actually Bridesmaids.

Ian Round ’16

Oooooh Kenny Fedorko coordinated that.

Matt Delbridge ’16 


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