Onesies of Gambier

You’ve seen Gambier Ink in all its forms, but have you ever wondered what else our students have in common that they adorn themselves with? We present to you: Onesies of Gambier.

I have gotten a lot of comments while wearing my onesie. Some were good and some were just funny like when Peter Granville said that I looked spicy. Coming from him, that was an amazing moment. A lot of people will see me and say “Yes! All of the yes!” or “I love this.” One girl did make biting gestures at me once though. – JaLon Eason ’17

One time an older gentleman told me I’d be a tiger out of the onesie. I think he meant it sexually. – James Wojtal ’18



Favorite event: probably the first time we ever wore them. There was an event at our NCA (Unity House) last year and we were running around the lawn and jumping on the furniture, which we usually do anyway, but it’s more fun in uniform. – Subei Kyle ’17 (left)


My favorite memory in a onesie happened last year in October when I was cleaning my room/dancing around to the spice girls in a onesies and then looked up to see a guy passing by my 1st floor window. We made eye contact. We stared at each other in shock for a few minutes. He waved. I waved. I haven’t seen him since. – Brooke Kohn ’18

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