A Host and Prospie Reunited


Nell’s and Sarah’s reunion was very reminiscent of the four Hobbits reuniting in Rivendell (via photobucket.com)

Last fall, Sarah Jensen ’18 decided to sign up to host prospective students.  One of these prospies, Nell Conover ’19, ended up coming to Kenyon.  They’ve ended up as friends, so I decided to reach out to them and ask a few questions about the time they’ve spent together last year and now this year as peers.  We sat in the library atrium and chatted for a while.

Nell revealed she was at first intimidated by Sarah, the cool college student, when they first met.  Sarah, on the other hand, thought Nell was really cool right off the bat, but was worried she would be too weird and freak Nell out.  Nell interjected, saying, “You kept on apologizing for being so weird and I was like I’m so weird too!”

The two ended up “bonding over their mutual coolness” and Nell had a great visit.  Both said the other was the model host/prospie.  Nell even asserts that she may not have applied ED if it weren’t for the time she spent with Sarah and her friends.


Sarah Jensen ’18 enjoys mac & cheese and law

After she left campus, the two would occasionally text each other. Nell said “Sarah was very encouraging” about the college process and eventually about Kenyon in general after she was accepted.  Of course, the two  admitted there was a fair amount of Facebook stalking too.

Now that the two of them are both current students, they hang out occasionally and always say hi to when their paths cross.  They’ve met for coffee at Wiggins a few times, but definitely think they should spend more time together.


Nell Conover ’19 likes dogs and origami

At the end of our conversation, I asked, “If you two were on a reality show together, what would it be?”  The two pondered the question for a couple of seconds before deciding they’d be on “Girls Gone Wild” together, but would also be a good team on “The Amazing Race.”

There you have it, ladies and gentlemen; Sarah Jensen and Nell Conover.  It was great to see a host/ prospie friendship continue to blossom.

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