Kenyon Klexicon: W is for Weaver Wednesday

Ah, Wednesdays.


Oh, I think we all know the answer, Mr. Camel.

I remember being in high school and hearing all about the fabled “hump-day”. It was an alluring concept: college kids going out and partying on Wednesday nights, regardless of classes the next day. Sure, getting belligerently drunk and showing up to class the next day with a massive hangover is so much fun, but it can get pretty tiring. Have no fear; “Weaver Wednesday” is here! This Klexicon entry  is dedicated to the place you can go when you decide it’s about time you show up to your 8:10 on Thursday.

Weaver Wednesday (WEE-ver WENZ-day) n. weekly events thrown by student groups on campus that take place on Wednesday evenings at Weaver Cottage; recent event themes have been:

  • “Poker, Pizza, and Punch” (hosted by Delts)
  • “Lassi and Trivia” (hosted by Snowden)
  • “Parks and Recreation Marathon with Waffle Bar” (hosted by the Greek Council)
  • “Puzzles and Parfaits” (hosted by the TBNT Committee)

Kenyon Kontext: 

Student 1: “Hey, you want to get hammered and go to trivia at the Village Inn tonight?”

Student 2: “Nah dude, let’s see what’s happening for Weaver Wednesday today. Besides, drinking isn’t cool, man.”

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