The Monday Catchup

THIS IS A BURGER WITH “KETCHUP LEATHER” ON IT. Like a Fruit Leather, but instead of fruit, it’s ketchup!!! What!!!!! (via LA Mag)

Peace up, G-Town!! Reading days are now officially OVER, and I hope all those books you read were GREAT because it’s back to the salt mines for all of us. In order to assess current student morale, we asked our readers how their breaks were. Here’s what they told us:

Reading Days? More like weeEEEeEed-ing days (chuckles in a self-satisfied manner).

I was planning on staying in and doing my homework that night, but I was already so messed up on Advil PM by like 7PM that I really kind of self-sabotaged myself on that one.

Why don’t we have October Break after midterms, so that we can actually enjoy it?? Wait…. they’re supposed to be Reading Days… Let’s just do two, then! One after Parents Weekend, so we really get a chance to decompress.

No hashbrown triangles? No fucking problem.

Cool. Here’s what to look forward to this week:

  • Town of Gambier Mayoral Election Forum – come hear three candidates speak in an informal forum and some of the important issues facing Gambier in the future. Brandi Recital Hall, 7:30 PM on Monday 10/12
  • Lecture by New York Law School and Kenyon parent Lenni Benson entitled “Responding to Child Refugees: The Challenges of U.S. Law & Policies”. Olin Auditorium, 11:10 AM on Tuesday 10/13.
  • Watch the Kenyon Lords face off in a soccer match against the Oberlin Yeomen. Mavec Field, 3:30 PM.
  • “Moonchildren” by Michael Weller, this season’s mainstage play, directed by Kenyon’s own Professor Benjamin Viccellio. Bolton Theater, 8:00 PM on Thursday 10/15, 8:30 PM on Friday 10/16, 2:00 PM and 8:00 PM on Saturday 10/17.

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