An Interview With A Major Rebel

Via Nate's Facebook

Via Nate’s Facebook

Declaring a major can be a scary thing. While not completely future-determining, your major often puts you on the path towards certain careers, aka bringing you one step closer to adulthood. We at The Thrill wondered what would happen if you simply didn’t declare a major by the time you were told to do so by Kenyon. One student, Nate Epstein ’16, did just that. Last year the junior declaration deadline came and passed, and Nate was still without a major. We sat down with this brave soul to ask him about the experience.

Why hadn’t you declared a major yet?

I’m super indecisive and can never make decisions ever, so picking, what I thought, would be my life long path based on two years of college was extremely challenging. I couldn’t decide between poli-sci or history. And then after the deadline passed, I forgot about it totally which elongated it exponentially.

Did you face any repercussions from the Registrar for not declaring on time?
They sent me an email saying that if I did not pick a major, I would be unable to select classes for the next semester, which turned out to be a quite a good motivator to get me to pick my major.
What made you finally declare?
The prospect of not having classes was daunting and I didn’t have any hobbies to fill my time. Now, I have many hobbies, all of them very impressive.
What major did you choose?
Political science with a history minor.
Any advice for underclassmen who haven’t declared yet?
Go with your gut and make a decision, it will not decide the rest of your life, just sit down and think for a certain amount of time, make a decision and don’t look back. There is no such thing as a bad major and you’ll get a great deal out of no matter what you pick.

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