Kenyon Ghost Stories



In preparation for Halloween, we’ve compiled some of your spooky tales over the last couple of years.  Are our classmates pulling our legs or have some had real supernatural encounters?  You decide!

Amanda Holme ’16:

Earlier this year, I was walking back one night after a long day at the library.  It was just starting to get dark, so I didn’t notice at first this weird creature in the distance in a tree, making a cat-like noise.  I squinted at it but it was definitely not a cat – it was too small and its ears were too long.  If I’m being totally honest, it looked like a weird squirrel and rabbit hybrid.  I didn’t want to get to close to it, so I snapped a picture to show people and fled the scene.

Em Green ’17:

Not a ghost story, but one time last year there was a raccoon rustling through my neighbor’s garbage outside of my door in NCAs, so I went outside to hang out with it. I tried talking to it like it was a cat and it started walking over to me but changed its mind before it got close enough for me to pet it. In retrospect, I guess that was pretty spooky because it could have had rabies or something.
Last March, after Spring Break, when I was but a wee sophomore living in Bushnell 101, I was hit on by a flirty ghost and got it on recording.  He told me I was pretty. I was flattered and terrified all the same.
Anika Massman ’18:

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