Ghost Adventures Kenyon: Old K

Strap in

Strap in

My name is Mia Fox. I never believed in ghosts until I came face to face with one. So I set out on a quest to capture what I once saw video. With no big camera crews following us around, I am joined only by fellow investigator Becca Allen and our equipment tech Jenna Bouquot. The three of us will travel to some of the most highly active paranormal locations on campus where we will spend maybe thirty minutes or so being locked down.



These are our Ghost Adventures.

Old Kenyon, built in 1827, was Kenyon College’s first permenant building and has remained closesly assocaiated with the college for its picturesque architecture, all campus parties, and less fortunately, the fire of 1949 that gutted the building, claiming the lives of nine students.

Supposedly these nine students still haunt the building, but what do they want? We went in to find out.

10:40 pm – Time of arrival. Armed with flashlights and the enthuasiasm only three wide-eyed firstyears can have, we ventured into Old K.

10:41 pm – Upon entering we were blasted with an unnerving and unplaceable scent.

10:42 pm – Scent continues into stairwell. Seemingly pervasive.

10:48 pm – Bathroom investigation. In order to gain a better idea of what these ghosties want, we held a Q and A session. These ghosts have been reported to flush toilets and turn off lights. We sent out a toilet flush request; it was denied. We apologized for the fire; the apology was not accepted. We sensed that we were not welcome and ventured on.

10:52 pm – Mysterious writing discovered under the stairs. Could this be the work of a disgruntled phantom?

scholarly insight

Scholarly insight

10:57 pm  – In backtracking through the hall, we discovered two disconcerting liquids.


Exquisite sample of ghost ectoplasm

A peace offering?

The scariest thing is that Starbucks makes this beverage

The scariest thing is that Starbucks actually makes this beverage

11:00 pm – Weird scent again. After investigation, we debunked this as beer soaked carpet…maybe a little bit of vom too. Deemed not-so-scary after all.

11:11 pm – The assault of scents did not, however, ruin the investigation. The moment came. We rounded the corner with video recording. None of us saw it at the time, but in reviewing the footage there was clearly a figure jumping into the hallway as we walked by. The screen shot of the video is blurry, but try and make out the phantom right in the middle of the frame.

A ghostly figure?

A ghostly figure?

While our audio recordings showed no evidence, this one piece of visual evidence is enough for us to deem Old Kenyon as certified haunted!

So, congrats Old K! You have lived up to your reputation. These ghosts seem friendly, so don’t be too scared next time you hear the toilet flush unexpectedly.

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  1. The “Exquisite sample of ghost ectoplasm” you documented is actually just the pneumatic fluid from the door closer. Sometimes they break and leak juice down the door like that. Source: I’m a locksmith and have seen this before.

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