Gourmet Kenyon: A Three Course Bookstore Dining Experience

If we’re all being honest here, Gambier’s dining options are pretty limited. I know. It’s a shock. I’ll let you all gather yourselves for a moment. So I wondered, besides the market, the VI, the KI, Peirce, Wiggin, and the Deli, where else is there to have a luxurious meal within walking distance? How can we give our palettes the tastes we deserve?

Then, it hit me. The Bookstore. How could I have been so blind? Of course a place known for selling books would be perfect for a divine meal!

So I bought my ingredients and prepared a three course meal, which I shared with fellow Thrill writer Isabel Landers ’18, a self proclaimed “foodie.” Here were the results:

Course 1: Appetizer

Aged Salami and Rustic Asiago Spread on Crisp Whole Grain Bread Crisps with a Cashew Garnish


Gourmet Restaurant Value: $50

Bookstore Ingredients:

  • Those weird little picnic snack kits

Expert Review:

“The salami and the cranberry overpower the nuttiness of the cheese, and the cracker has a lot of tooth pack. However, I like the salami because it tastes like a hot dog.”

Course 2: Main Course

Classic Mexican Tapas infused with Chile and Lime, Garnished with Fresh Avocado Spread and Rich Cheddar Cheese

Gourmet Restaurant Value: $175

Gourmet Restaurant Value: $175

Bookstore Ingredients:

  • Ritz Crackers
  • Chile and Lime Beef Jerky
  • Colby Jack Cheese Sticks
  • Salsa
  • Guacamole

Expert Review:

“Are you really going to make me put this in my mouth? This might be the worst thing you’ve ever done to me.”

Course 3: Dessert

Crispy Potato Chip Infused Chocolate Dream À La Mode

Gourmet Restaurant Value: Priceless

Gourmet Restaurant Value: Priceless


Bookstore Ingredients:

  • A pack of chocolate wafers left over from the appetizer pack
  • Absurdly expensive gourmet chocolate
  • Ben and Jerry’s “Phish Food” found in my fridge that I’m pretty sure I bought at the bookstore.

Expert Review:

“Why didn’t we just start with this?”


See guys! We CAN have gourmet meals here Gambier! All you have to do is be creative!

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