The Monday Catchup

More or less what happened this weekend (via

More or less what happened this weekend (via

What’s good Kanyon Kollege? It’s Monday. That means it’s time to wipe the crust from your eyes, pop an Advil for your headache, roll out of bed and love it, live it, be it, do it, and dream it. After a weekend of formals and autumnal fun, we asked students how they were feeling. Here’s what they thought:

I’ve never seen the leaves change before, so my camera roll is 67% leaf/tree/middle path pictures.

I’m feeling two thumbs up

My night was bomb, and now I’m feeling like a bomb hit me!

Amazing. Here are some fun things to make sure you keep livin’ and givin’ this week:

  • What: Monday from 9:30-10:30 pm President Decatur is having a student open hour in Peirce Pub. He will recap the most recent Board of Trustees meeting and listen to your thoughts about Kenyon.
    • Ideal for: Pitching your request for a Summer Send-off band
  • What: Founders’ Day (Thursday) at 11:30 am in Rosse Hall.  Listen to a short address given by a member of the faculty relating to an aspect of the College’s history or traditions. Then signing of the Matriculation Book opens. The incoming class plants a tree.
    • Ideal for: Creating that new signature you think will be real cool when you’re famous and need to sign a lot of autographs
  • What: The 2015 NCAC Men’s and Women’s Cross Country Championships will be held Saturday at 11:00 am at the Kenyon Cross Country Course. Watch your Lords and Ladies absolutely demolish the competition. Halloween couldn’t get more exciting!
    • Ideal for: Feeling proud

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